Yoga Styles Offered

Various options to suit your individual requirements.

1Vinyasa Yoga

This class combines movement and yoga postures. Allowing the instructor to combine breathing and movement by directing the student into various yoga postures through a flowing movement. The postures and sequencing varies in every class which allows for a unique and different experience in every class. This healing practice will assist the student to leave the world behind for a healing and self connecting conscious experience. All levels welcome including pregnant students.


2Hot Yoga – Bikram Yoga

This Hot yoga is an unchanging series of 26 postures, including 2 breathing exercises, in a hot and humid studio which works the entire body from head to toe, inside and out. It is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment and develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration for students of all levels from beginners to advanced.



3Pregnancy Yoga

Congratulations! All pregnant students who have been practicing yoga prior to falling pregnant are welcome to join any of the yoga classes on the schedule from 2nd trimester. If you would like to practice in your first trimester please ensure that you only practice vinyasa classes and inform teacher that you are pregnant on arrival. It is recommended that you have one private session with Eloisé to discuss pregnancy variations to postures, possible body changes and effect of pregnancy on your practice prior to your first class. Cultivating and maintaining a regular yoga practice during your pregnancy will assist both you and your baby to cope better, feel fabulous and look radiant.