Our Studio

Indigo Yoga offers a variety of yoga styles including but not limited to tranquil Flow/ Vinyasa yoga classes, Hot/ Bikram yoga classes and seasonal outdoor classes. Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, all ages, and all stages of life.

Indigo Yoga Studio is situated in Paulshof, Sandton, Johannesburg (Between Lonehill, Bryanston, Rivonia and Sunninghill); North of the N1 highway. The closest offramp from N1 highway is Rivonia Road.

We offer private yoga classes at the studio and private healing sessions. Private yoga classes are conducted in our studio and sessions are 60 min. Healing sessions include various modalities and services including but not limited to: Thai Sen Foot Reflexology, Energy Balancing,  Reiki, Munay-Ki, Transformational Healing,  Quantum Healing and Cord Cutting. Healing sessions booked by appointment only.

Age is a number and we firmly believe that a yoga practise should be sustainable through all stages of life. Yoga is a healing practise that should support your body. Yoga asana practise is not about being able to touch your toes but what you learn on the way down about yourself. The focus is on the journey. The posture is not a destination but merely a way point through an adventure. The adventure is getting to know your self. Coming to terms with what your body will allow you to do and what not. Allowing your self to rediscover and revisit belief patterns and finding time to listen to and honor the messages your body holds for you. Yoga is a journey of learning a new language. The body’s language which merely reflects what the soul has been experiencing. The messages our bodies holds are an ancient reflection of our emotional state and past trauma, joy and experiences.

Pregnancy and Yoga. All our classes are open to pregnant students. We find that many fit pregnant students (who had a regular yoga practise prior to pregnancy) struggle to find a studio where they are welcomed. Most fit pregnant students require a space to practice mindfully and are still able to do a normal low intensity class with proper adjustments to suit their pregnant bodies.  Our studio regards pregnancy as a stage of life and not a condition. Practising mindfully during all stages of life promotes a regular yoga practice that is sustainable. We understand that yoga hold various unequalled benefits for pregnancy. Yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that is suitable and supportive to pregnancy. Breathing properly in pregnancy is crucial for both mother and baby. Yoga provides tools to cope with the challenge of a constantly changing body cannot be replaced by any other form of exercise. Mental resilience combined with the physical and emotional balance that yoga provides should never be underestimated.

Personal attention and assistance is very important to us. Yoga will support holistic living and we encourage all family members to participate. Soon to come will be our kid’s yoga classes!

Yoga will transform your life.  Note that yoga is not purely a form of exercise and will influence your whole life on all levels. We promote yoga at our studio as a non-religious yet very spiritual experience which most often results in physical, mental and emotional balance and well- being. Some side effects may include a feeling of blissful happiness, glowing healthy complexion, ease of movement, weight release and increased fertility. Should any of these side effects seem unbearable please refrain from practising yoga. Note that some old injuries may be permanently healed.  During the healing process they may present themselves as recurring injuries but if a student practise awareness they may notice that the pseudo symptoms will pass quickly as the body heals itself. Please discuss any of these incidences with your teachers to ensure that you are being mindful and not ignorant.

May you be glowing with joy, wellbeing and gratitude, every day!