Meet the Teachers

Paul Indigo 1Paul De Stefanis

A friend suggested trying Bikram Yoga as an alternative physical exercise and I found a new great love, passion and missing aspect of my life. I was amazed how yoga transformed all areas of my life; physical, mental and emotional.

Already having the desire and passion for working with people through energetic healing I immediately wanted to teach and share this amazing practice with others, so in 2009 I certified as a Bikram Yoga teacher and began this new path in teaching.

It has been a great personal journey for many years and will be for many to come. Teaching and practicing yoga continuously expands my experence, knowledge, love wisdom and shows me many things from small ideas to beautiful miracles.

Creating Indigo Yoga with my life partner gave me an even deeper pleasure and opportunity to live and share my life’s passion and purpose with others.

The synergy of teaching yoga and energetic healing work has allowed me to ultimately allow students and clients to help themselves to release everything unsupportive and let them heal their mind, body and soul.

I offer Reiki, Transformational and Quantum healing, which is extremely complimentary to Yoga practise to support the body to heal naturally.

Being able to share my experience and love wisdom with compassion and see all students and clients grow and transform is humbling and deeply gratifying and brings me great joy.

I wish you all much happiness, abundance, beautiful transformation and great health.


Eloisé De StefanisEloisé De Stefanis

She regards her yoga practice as an essential part of her life. Eloisé believes that a healthy body is needed to maintain a healthy mind. Competitive group sports never appealed to her but she cycled the Argus, ran the Two Oceans marathon and is passionate about dancing in the rain. Flexibility needed attention both in her body and approach to life in general.

Flexibility proved to be her biggest challenge in both dancing and relationships. In an attempt to increase her flexibility a friend suggested Bikram Yoga in Jan 2008. She was hooked from her first class. The cardio workout compared well to running with the added benefit of no impact on the knees. (She had a knee injury from figure skating and misalignment in her back resulting from horse riding – broken coccyx).

She stopped running within a month and adopted a regular practice of 5-7 sessions per week.

Within 6 months she ran a race and experienced pain in knees and hips and realized that her shoe inserts from podiatrist, that she previously ran with, may be causing the discomfort. When removed she ran with ease. Yoga realigned and strengthened her back, hips, ankles and feet tremendously.

She completed her law degree in 1995 and has been working in the Real Estate industry for many years. Equipped with various post graduate qualifications she discovered that serenity and happiness is a state of mind, education a privilege and yoga essential for finding and maintaining inner peace. Describing herself as a perfectionist, driven and ambitious, fun loving, hard working, passionate and curious.

She taught yoga at various Studio’s and Gym’s including The Yoga Republic, Go Yoga Illovo, Bikram Yoga Fourways, Fit Gym Boskruin and Virgin Active. As a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Ethereal Crystal Healer, Thai Sen Foot Reflexologist, Modern Shaman and Energy Healer she also offers various healing therapies.

The benefits of yoga in her own life ignited the desire to share it with others and she completed her Hatha Yoga Teachers Training through Santosha Yoga based in Australia in 2009, Go Hot Teachers Training 2010 (Go Yoga Illovo), Pregnancy Yoga Workshop 2011 and Kids Yoga Training 2010 (Yoga 4 Kids).

Yoga brought her more flexibility and an incredible husband to share her passion of teaching yoga. Eloisé and Paul now share the joy of teaching as well as the gift of parenthood to a handsome, gentle boy and beautiful, fierce girl.

Her classes bring attention to alignment and the importance of understanding the postures. Yoga creates flexibility and she understands that not all of us are born with this gift. Her understanding of the various adaptations of positions stem from her research needed to improve her own practice. Experiencing practicing and teaching yoga while pregnant gave her understanding of the impact of pregnancy on the body to compassionately assist pregnant yogi’s to practice yoga in a conscious and safe manner.

Her intention is sharing the gift of yoga to old and new yogi’s alike.