Be a warrior – not a ‘worrier’

A regular yoga practise will allow you to be resilient and empowered.

Yoga is a moving meditation

Learn how to calm yourself down in any situation. Be pro-active not re-active in your every day life.

Find joy in a daily practise

The more you do it the easier it becomes to endure it. It’s never easy but becomes more enjoyable every time you do it. Beware – you may enjoy it more than you think you would. Don’t miss out!

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Learn breathing through yoga

Pranayama or breathing is the most important part of your yoga teachings. Through correct breathing we find the balance between head and heart. This enables us to calm our emotions before we act so that we can channel all energy and emotions positive or responsive towards our life purpose. Finding balance through breathing simply means refining the art of breathing through our emotions. We learn to feel and to acknowledge all emotions without reacting and suppressing them but rather to breathe and experience them and release the emotions in a constructive manner.

All yoga postures mimic a challenging environment where we need to learn to breathe calmly while holding the posture and slowly move into and through the emotional response. If you can stay calm and breathe normally though a yoga class you can do the same in any situation in your life.

Yoga teaches us to handle stressful situations in life gracefully.


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